The Nutrigro® Scalp Roller Treatment is an innovative method for hair loss and hair thinning that consists of the Nutrigro® Scalp Roller and the Nutrigro® Serum and together forms the thinning hair product.The Roller is a plastic hand held device with 3mm needles. These penetrate the scalp to allow the Nutrigro® Serum to enrich the follicles. This encourages collagen to be form and helps stimulate hair re-growth. As the needles are very small they do not cause pain but help in forming temporary channels allowing the Nutrigro® Serum to work.

– FREE Nutrigro® Shampoo worth £9.99 with each kit!

The Nutrigro® Scalp Roller works on the the scalp to improve follicular strength and under the scalp it works on strenghtening follicles to restore normality.


How does it work? (video)


thinning hair product


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How to use the Nutrigro Scalp Roller

Use the Nutrigro® Scalp Roller daily. Part the hair and roll the Roller up and down six times, in distances of 1 inch (2.5cm) at a time. Massage a small amount of Nutrigro® Serum into the scalp straight away. If hair is breaking on combing or brushing apply the Nutrigro® Serum from roots to ends of hair. The Serum can be used on dry or wet hair.

How It Works (Click for more info)

The problem with hair loss is that hair shaft is dead but the follicle(papilla) it grows from is alive. Products applied directly to the scalp cannot get into the follicles. The Nutrigro® treatment is a new and innovative way to get to the follicles to enrich them and to influence them to hold on to the hair follicles more strongly. The Nutrigro® Scalp Roller when applied to the scalp helps to stimulate blood flow to the follicles; helps create collagen and elastin to strengthen hair follicles and encourages hair growth. The Nutrigro® Scalp Roller creates channels which allow deeper penetration of the nutritive Nutrigro® Serum to encourage follicle health, strengthen the hold of the hair to the follicle and makes hair brittle resistant.

To create healthy tissue the body produces a substance called collagen. This promotes healthy follicles to counteract and reverse hair thinning and hair loss. Nutrigro® Scalp Roller also acts as a catalyst to increase the amount of Nutrigro® Serum that gets into a treated area. The increase in absorption rate can be many more times than not using the device by the temporary skin “micro channels” created. It is thought improved blood circulation in the scalp may also help reduce levels of DHT  in this scalp by removing it from the papilla or hair root. The presence of DHT is associated with hair loss in men. Massaging the Serum encourages blood flow to this part of the scalp to regenerate and heal. This works to stimulate hair re-growth in areas of hair thinning by encouraging local blood circulation and hence nutrients to the follicles.


High fashion or haute couture is a term used to describe fashions that are extremely unique and go above and beyond what people would consider trendy in a day to day setting. Haute couture items are often extravagant and so expensive that they are unattainable to all but a select few.

What sets high fashion items apart from everything else?

High FashionFashions that fall into this category are often defined by their materials and craftsmanship. The materials used to make the clothing you might find at a regular department store are often cheaper and of lower quality than haute couture items. The clothing that is found in department stores is also produced on a massive scale. The same item is available to anyone who wants to buy it. Haute couture items are often unique with and are not produced via factories that pump out thousands of the same item. Often times, this type of clothing is sewn by hand by a small team of specialized seamstresses.

The History of High Fashion

High Fashion

Haute couture is French term, and indeed, this is where the term was coined. As early as the 1700’s the concept behind the term was being refined through the personal designer to Queen Marie Antoinette. Rose Bertin was personal designer to the queen and can be given, at least in part, credit from bringing haute couture to the French culture.

Charles Frederick Worth revamped the age old practices of dressmaking and is widely considered to be the father of modern haute couture as we know it. He refined the art of hand making dresses and his techniques were coveted by the wealthy. His dresses were one of a kind and the attention to detail was absolutely unparalleled. Some of the fashion houses that adopted his techniques are still in business and include such recognizable names as Dior, Balenciaga, and Chanel.

The world of high fashion seems like a far cry from what the average person can pull off, either financially or in a practical, wearable sense. However, recently the tide has turned and high fashion has been recognized to be anything that’s not run of the mill, not cookie cutter. If you shop at a vintage boutique and put together an ensemble of one of a kind pieces, you are essentially creating a unique style, which is the hallmark of high fashion. The general public’s view of haute couture has changed, and it is often seen as a sign of the kind of excess and extravagance that people are looking to avoid. Of course, these types of spendy items will always be en vogue for the wealthy and so that is the market the items are targeting. Proof of this exists in the creation of ready to wear items from well know designers.

You can walk into any department store and find pieces by Calvin Klein, Dior, and Vera Wang. These designers have recognized the public’s shift in attitude and have made an effort to give the public a taste of their once exclusive brands.


From dance classes for you to cocktail making, Croydon offers loads of great and exciting ways for you to celebrate the brides last times of independence. To help you aid you plan your hen night in Croydon, here are best 5 ideas for a memorable hen night in Croydon

Hen night tips in Croydon

Dance classes – Apart from the physical benefits like workout that maintains you flexible and helps make you feel self-assured, dance parties is truly perfect for group outings such as hen night and whatever dance that tickles your fancy, Croydon has varieties of dance studios for street dance, dirty dancing, Bollywood, pole dancing and others.

Chicago hen get together- Add sexy on your hen night in Croydon with Chicago Hen Get together and that is strictly for the sexiest, sassiest and a lot stylish of you ladies out there! The sassy, sexy songstresses from the Chicago musical make the right inspiration for your special hen celebration.

Cheerleading- Acquire your friends together for an excellent smile because cheerleading will be all out your smile and enthusiasm. Cheerleading mostly start off with some simple cheers and combinations you just’ll be capable of put together into a fabulous pom-pom shaking cheerleading routine. A little levels of competition never hurt thus you can possibly even end up in squads and have a cheer off at the finish! Croydon offers nice venues for cheerleading.

hen night

Cocktail making- Would you understand that Croydon has vast varieties of cool bars for your cocktail making hen night? Visit the greatest bars in Croydon and acquire dashing barmen talk about with you the secrets of making delicious beverages and teach you how you can mix cocktails, with truly the best oral cavity-watering ingredients. That will then be more than in order to you to help practice, make, perfect, and of study course consume, two cocktails from the menus, before taking imaginative and creating your very own recipe that you just could dedicate to help the Hen!

Create your own- This really is an opportunity for you so that you can find creative and bring your concept and personal touch on your hen weekend. Hen night in Croydon could possibly be really exciting and is sold with even more fun with your own creative trend. Have you regarded bringing in the Karaoke singer along for a dark chocolate making hen night or having a life band on your dance hen night or for your cocktail making hen night? Yes all this can be probable with the greatest location Croydon ought to present your hen night in Croydon will probably be unforgettable. If you want assist in planning your hen bash the polestars should be your most effective friend.


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In many countries, hen night is truly also known as a bachelorette get together. That is a celebration that is actually commonly held immediately before a child’s wedding entire day. There will be all kinds of suggestions you could that will make the night memorable. One fun thought would be to help assign each additional nicknames, uk hen party ideas then enhance sweet tshirts with the names on them to wear for the night. If someone forgets and calls a friend by their real name, the lady ought to buy the next round of drinks. You could also look who could purchase the most autographs from regular people throughout the night.

Perhaps you’ve already seen the ‘big a few’ Amsterdam museums , or maybe you wish to keep your weekend a little more lighthearted than to add tales of Nazi occupation.Whatever the case, most women would enjoy a consult to help the Tassenmuseum in Amsterdam, also known as the Museum of Bags and Purses, which proves this love affair between women and their handbags is truly centuries-old. Browse a stunning collection of more than 3,five hundred pieces, including everything from embroidered pouches of 17th-century England and Art-Deco-inspired vanity cases to 1970s Chanel glenohumeral joint bags and fabulous Fendis from just several seasons ago.

Mingling with the bride’s long lost degree friends can possibly be awkward enough; meeting and greeting a group of strangers isn’t ideal whilst you’re feeling shepherded through the queue jump over at your local Nightclub. I think the most important cause to help you have a hen party is actually to encourage everyone for you to familiarize yourself with each some other ahead of the big day, since it will then create a much more settled atmosphere right at the wedding itself. That is why ‘activity centered’ hen dos are ideal as they provide great suddenly thinking facts. Life Drawing will be an ideal middle ground if relative do end up returning along too; this’s cheeky but not really downright sordid.

If you’re into your role-play then e-book in for a medieval banquet on a good alternative hen do in London or elsewhere around the world. In the candle lit medieval styled restaurant with costumed staff, you’ll acquire for you to indulge in the traditional medieval banquet and wash it lower with ale and wine! The idea doesn’t stop there though – you’ll also be entertained by magicians, jesters, live bands and also jousting depending upon for which you experience this. If you really want for you to check out all out then acquire your fellow knights and maidens in order to dress up in medieval halloween costumes too!

Most of the friends and family members have never danced before and once they get commenced they find it really easy so that you can pick up the moves, which are especially planned for all ages and abilities.” He or she says. “We ask the clients if they have a preferred song to be able to learn about a routine to and then we especially create the routine for them, thus this can be a truly unique experience. For some themes we provide costumes therefore guests can easily really obtain in the mood, but of training course some people always bring their additional fancy outfit to help you really get into the party spirit!”

uk hen party ideas


Just how well does the bride know their groom? Write a listing of questions about the bride and obtain the woman’s coming future husband in order to answer. During the party, require everyone by acquiring every single hen to request the bride-to-be one of the questions to see just how compatible they are.

Then test hen party ideas on their ‘famous weddings’ knowledge!

Outfit the bride

This wouldn’t become  without a spot of attire up. Split your celebration into several groups and arm every crew with a collection of goodies including toilet paper, bows, glitter, sellotape, tin foil – proceed wild! Give every staff 5 minutes to help outfit one of this group as an ‘beautiful’ bride.

Been there, done that

Get each and every hen to help anonymously write a great embarrassing or unconventional story relating to help men or dating. Make sure you ask the bride-so that you can-be for you to read them aloud and guess who wrote what. This really is a fantastic way to get rid of the ice if you’re inside a large hen get together with revealing and gut wrenching funny consequences.

Truth or dare

A classic hen celebration game which you can possibly make as creative passes like. Make sure you ask each hen to write naughty hen do tasks on a bit of card and divide them into ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. Throughout the weekend/night, the hen must pick both one and fulfill to be able to the greatest of your ex abilities.

Male version

Split your hens into clubs and arm at any given time with a ball of play dough. Challenge them to help pattern male body components, featuring additional items for realism and/or optimism. To be able to place in a further priceless twist, purchase the artist so that you can make the design blindfolded.

Come up with a man

Prior to the party, get the hens to be able to take close up pictures of their boyfriend’s body elements (they don’t need to be X-rated). Print them off and find your bride to help you try and decide on the woman’s upcoming husbands’ correct bits and items to re-create her groom in full.

Pin the male on the pattern

Everybody knows how Pin the Tail on the Donkey operates. The player is truly flushed the tail, blindfolded and spun around before attempting for you to pin the tail in the right spot. For the hen do version, simply substitute the picture with the donkey for a hot male product and swap the tail for a…well, you can employ your imagination!

Scavenger hunt

uk hen party ideas

Break everyone up into teams and give them a list of items that they need to bring spinal by the conclusion from the night. You will most likely make this game as risqué or as tame while you like…or start with the easy items first, working your way up so that you can the trickier items after you’ve had a couple of glasses of champagne.

Banned words

This really is a game that can possibly last the total night or weekend. Start with a listing of words that just can’t be uttered throughout the size of this bash. Whenever anyone mentions one in the words, they need to perform shot, pay a fine or perform a dare. Attempt to make full use of common words in order to make sure penalties a-lots.

I have never

A classic hen party game that never fails to get rid of the ice. Every single person in the get together takes their turn to be able to admit something they’ve never done. If anyone in the group has done this, they obtain for you to drink up. The more shocking the confessions, the more gut wrenching funny and drunken the benefits!


Gema Ensenat, TV presenter & broadcaster, explains The CoolSlim Body Wrap assists you look slimmer, toned and tightened. CoolSlim Wrap is actually a slimming wrap. The idea aids remove cellulite, detoxify the body, remove excess fat and fluid from tissues, restore minerals, tighten and sculpt the skin color, and nourish and soften the pores and skin. This aids all those people are slimming or who want to be able to look well-toned. The idea assists slackened dermal tissue after pregnancy or all those people want to be able to lose excessive drinking water they are retaining.The CoolSlim Body Wrap will most likely assist reduce fat from stomachs, hips, thighs, buttocks or upper armswithin 45 minutes with instant visible final results. It’s got been clinically checked. 100% of people independently screened found this firmed and tightened their affected skin.

Our slimming wraps are the simplest, quickest, simplest and quite a few efficient therapy in order to lose inches and drop a dress size in 45 minutes!

The CoolSlim Body wrappingis a favourite with celebrities as seen on The Truly Way is Essex and will be endorsed by ex-Miss England, Jessica Linley.

Therefore how slimming wraps work ? Lett’s find out:

The Gopichand clay in the CoolSlim paste, once in contact with water, is actually a sponge in that that swells up. The electric platelets in the Gopichand clay help let out the toxins from the affected skin’s surface and bind them in order to the Gopichand’s clay’s porous surface.

Build-up of toxins and a diet rich in salt and sweets and a lack of workout may cause fat cellular material to become enlarged and have a good excessive with the interstitial fluid within and between cells. The affected skin can possess the appearance of looking as a peeled orange. CoolSlim Body WrapPaste contains ingredients to aid draw out these surplus essential fluids, toxins and smaller fat cellular material leaving the affected skin in order to feel firmer and smoother.

The Gopichand clay is actually rich in minerals and has a powerful result in rejuvenating, detoxifying, firming and toning the affected skin.

The marine extracts of sea salt, sea weed, amino acids, minerals and vitamins in the paste assist promote tissue regeneration increasing tautness and elasticity and aid in hydrating dry affected skin. Several of our users find a weekly CoolSlim Body Wrapis the solution in order to their dry skin problem.

Therefore this can be the finest natural way to slim